The Most Popular Services Offered by Home Cleaning Companies

Homeowners have a number of reasons they search for the best cleaning company near me. Some have become too busy to keep up with their basic housekeeping and would like to hire someone to take care of everyday chores. They might like to have a very thorough house cleaning completed before they start with the basic schedule if some type of problem has been going on for a while. Another reason people hire a cleaning service is that they plan to list the home for sale and want it to be spotless before doing so. There are a couple of types of service available.

Basic Housekeeping

People who search for the best cleaning company near me want routine service provided on a weekly or semi-monthly basis. There may be one or two adults who work a lot and are involved in other activities, including raising children. Keeping up with house cleaning has proven to be impossible.

Weekly or twice-monthly cleaning services generally include vacuuming carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture. Wood furniture is dusted as are shelves throughout the home. Kitchen and bathroom floors are wet-mopped, and toilets, bathtubs, and sinks are thoroughly scrubbed.

Deep Cleaning

This service can be performed before a basic housekeeping schedule is established. It also can be done once or twice a year to address everything that is not part of the routine housekeeping. People also call for a deep cleaning of the home when they plan to move out and need to list the home on the real estate market. They know that homes sell faster and get higher offers if the building looks immaculate both inside and outside.

Washing windows, cleaning the tops of ceiling fans, and washing baseboards are examples of tasks that don’t need to be done every week or even every month.

Tasks the Household Needs to Handle

Some tasks should be completed daily or nearly so, or otherwise the projects tend to get out of control. Washing dishes and sweeping the kitchen floor are two examples. It’s a good idea to wipe off the kitchen and bathroom countertops this frequently as well.

Finding a Cleaning Service

People can’t go wrong when they decide to hire an award-winning small business that has been voted the best house cleaning company in the city. The company Superb Maids is an example of this type of option. They provide a range of services to make sure all their customers are completely satisfied.